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V8-128/256GB Body Camera 1440P, 2 Batteries Working 10 Hours, IP68 Body Camera with Audio and Video Recording Wearable, Night Vision Body Camera Easy to Use (MAX 2160P)

V8-128/256GB Body Camera 1440P, 2 Batteries Working 10 Hours, IP68 Body Camera with Audio and Video Recording Wearable, Night Vision Body Camera Easy to Use (MAX 2160P)

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  • 【1440P Video Resolution & 36 Million Pixels】Support close distance use, 170°Ultra-Clear wide-angle video is clearer and suitable for police on-site law enforcement video forensics, recording business meetings, lawyers for playback, etc. Default video resolution is 1080P, and support (MAX) 2160P
  • 【128GB Body Camera & Loop Recording】 Built-in 128GB SD card to store all your videos, audio, and pictures. When the SD card reaches the storage limit, the latest video will automatically overwrite the oldest video, ensuring that more important scenes can be recorded at any time. Select local playback to browse saved files or TRANSFER to your computer using USB
  • 【Body Camera Longer Battery Life】4000mAh polymer lithium batteries record video for 10 hours(2psc 2000mAh). Remove the battery and the body camera still works for 3 minutes. V8 body camera and extra battery can be charged Synchronously using the charging base, it ideal body camera for Shift work
  • 【Ultra Clear IR Night Vision Body Camera】 8 High-Density IR night vision LED lights support to capture people and objects within 50 feet. In the dark, V8 body camera can automatically switch to Night Vision Mode. The police can turn on the Red and Blue Warning Lights in an Emergency to protect their safety and deter illegal acts on the scene, Easy to Use
  • 【Double Security Protection Body Camera】 1. Turn on Date Stample, all videos, audios and pictures are time stamped and CANNOT be Modified or Deleted, which can be used as key evidence in court proceedings////// 2.Turn on Camera Password, must enter the password to view the body camera or read the camera body from the computer (both can be turned off)

Product Description

Warm Tips:

  • Please read the manual patiently before use (it contains quick use buttons)
  • If you use 2160P video recording, you need to play back the video on the computer (2160P does not support using the body camera to play back the video)
  • The body camera is a work camera, which is mainly designed for police officers, duty officers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is not a professional camera
  • When using the body camera for the first time, please make sure that the body camera has enough power before using it. If you encounter difficulties, please contact the CAMMHD Service Center in time
  • The body camera does not support manual/auto focus, the lens is fixed
  • Please cherish the CAMMHD DSJ-V8, it will accompany you for a long, long time

How to use:

Menu button: Long press the menu button in standby mode, and red and blue flashes appear with an alarm sound

Camera button: Press the camera button once in the standby state to realize the camera function; press the camera button during the recording process to realize the capture of the details

Light button: press it for the first time to turn on the LED lighting, press it again to exit; press it for the third time, there will be a white flashing light, press it for the fourth time to exit

Bottom buckle: used to replace the battery, you need to fix the buckle after changing the battery to prevent the battery from falling

Screen film: tear off the round lens film of the body camera before use, which can improve the video and photo experience

In the standby mode, lightly press the back button to immediately display the video, audio, and image you have recorded in the DSJ-V8

Use the USB data cable to connect the DSJ-V8 body camera to the computer, you can view the removable disk through the computer and find the files you need You can choose the video resolution you want to use, etc.

Support video recording for 10 hours

2*2000mAh batteries, one is inside the body camera, and the other is in the box for replacement

Charge 2 batteries together

Comes with a cradle charger that can recharge your body and extra battery in 4 hours

Password protection

You can set a 6-digit password for the wearable camera to avoid theft or deletion of all recorded files, providing great security

CAMMHD V8 Technical Parameters

Video resolution options 1280*720/1920*1080/2304*1296/2560*1440/2560*2160 30p
Photo size options VAG/3M/5M/8M/10M/12M/16M/32M/36M/45M
video segmentation 5 minutes/10 minutes/15 minutes/20 minutes
Language options English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Italian/Japanese/Vietnamese, etc.
Screen saver time Off/1min/3min/5min/10min/
Video format MP4
Picture format JPG
Audio format WAV
Continuous shooting frequency 1 shooting/3 continuous shooting/5 continuous shooting/10 continuous shooting
Delayed recording
Car mode
Motion Detection
Infrared night vision
Password protection ✔(000000)
Gravity sensor
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